Unapologetic Woman - Pink

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Yoooooo!! Tk & Sarah here! We are SO excited to launch this collab & share this creative project that we have been working on for months. Since we became friends years ago, we’ve been dying to combine our love for all things fashion, juicy, and rebellious to create something really special. We decided spicy room decor was our calling! We’ve curated this collection for all the bad ass females who are looking for a little extra spice in their life. We hope you’re as obsessed with it as we are, and cant wait to see these pictures hung up in your rooms!

Each photo is available in size 8x10. You can purchase the print unframed, or in a black or white frame. Don't forget to tag us when they're all hung up!

**This print is available in pink or white** 

With love,
@tksjuicypolls + @raw_rebellious

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