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“Anything Serious” Candle

“Anything Serious” Candle

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One Night Standles; lasts all night, & still smells good the next morning. Recycled beer & wine bottles, cut, sanded, and perfected in Bozeman, Montana.

This candle is available in 6 oz. and 10 oz 

and was poured, with love, in 

Bozeman, Montana.

I'm Not Looking for Anything Serious. 
Our interpretation of the beloved, alluring scent of Santal, paired with the equally alluring energy of a man that shows us zero interest . With a strong base of sandalwood, notes of nostalgia, wood, warmth, disinterest, mommy issues, emotional unavailability, and perpetually leaving you on read, this aroma is truly incomparable. Immerse yourself in the moment — lose yourself, and your last shred of dignity, in the seduction of Santal; as you tell yourself, “I’ll be the girl that can change him.”

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