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“Not That Girl” Candle

“Not That Girl” Candle

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One Night Standles; lasts all night, & still smells good the next morning. Recycled beer & wine bottles, cut, sanded, and perfected in Bozeman, Montana.

This candle is 6 oz. and was poured, with love, in 

Bozeman, Montana.

I'm Not That Kind of Girl
Black rose, cumin, vanilla, pink peppercorn, and a vocabulary made up entirely of reality tv and TikTok references. Highlighted by light plum, grapefruit, Charlotte Tilbury flawless filter, and a promise that “she’s not like the other girls,” the scent is that of no other. This candle will transcend you into a world of self-tanner stained sheets, espresso martinis, and pure divine femininity. Prepare yourself for a uniquely sensual floral experience, as she insists she’s “definitely not going to have sex with you tonight,” but inevitably will do just that.

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